1. How I got this picture - Aurélien Milhaud

    When an image that we share or re-gram gets a lot of interest, we like to get in touch with...
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  2. Friday Favourites #boatsonfilm

    Some subjects seem to go hand in hand with black and white film photography and boats in one of them...
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  3. Exposing for the Action

    One of the aspects that took me perhaps the longest to understand about black and white film photography - but...
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  4. In Focus - Crombie McNeill

    Crombie McNeill has been shooting film for longer than some of us have been around, and his story is fascinating...
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  5. Friday Favourites #35mmkentmere

    With a choice of two films for today's #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #35mmkentmere theme we hoped to have a lot of images...
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  6. Eastern State Penitentiary on Delta 100

    A birthday request When my teenage daughter asked visit Eastern State Penitentiary on her birthday in January 2020 for the...
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