How I got this picture

  1. How I Got this Picture - Mustapha El Basri

    After the fantastic response to this image when we shared it on our Instagram. We contacted Mustapha and asked him...
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  2. How I Got This Picture - Andrew Orr

    Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction There was a lot of interest in this shot when it was shared, so we asked...
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  3. How I Got this picture - Sergio López Ferrer

    This image was one of the most popular that we shared on our Instagram feed last year so we reached...
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  4. How I Got This Picture - Jeremy Calow

    Image title : Tombstone Technical info Film Used         FP4+ @ 125                 Format 4x5 Camera            Chamonix 45F-2           Lens Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm...
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  5. How I got this picture - Chris Schmidtke

    How I got this picture Fanal, Madeira Technical info Film Used: Ilford HP5+   Format:  120 Camera: Rolleiflex 3,5E Lens: 75mm...
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  6. How I got this picture - Don Kittle

    Image Title: Weathering the Shallows Technical Info: Film: ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC Paper Format: 5x7 paper, trimmed to fit a...
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