All ILFORD Inspires content has a common goal: To inspire people to try traditional analogue black and white photography by showcasing the power and potential of this highly creative medium.

Giles Duley: Legacy of War - The Art of Storytelling

Our 2nd ILFORD Inspires event took place in London in October 2017. It featured humanitarian photographer Giles Duley as he documented the global refugee crisis.  Giles' mission is to tell the stories of those impacted by the long-term effects of conflict - all through the medium of black and white film photography. He has made storytelling his art and this captivating, inspiring and in-demand speaker will show how photography has the power to change lives. Watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

Chuck Kelton: Silver Stories

The inaugural ILFORD Inspires event took place in Philadelphia in August 2016 with master printer, artist, and educator Chuck Kelton.  Chuck speaks about his passion for silver gelatin and his collaborations with world-renowned photographers such as Mary Ellen Mark, Danny Lyon, Larry Clark, Helen Levitt and Saul Leiter. Watch the videos on our YouTube channel.