Photography Genres

  1. Becoming the Camera - Thoughts on Photograms

    During lockdown I rekindled my love of making photograms. It happened naturally after a summer of making cyanotypes. I was...
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  2. Fast Thoughts at the Deep End

    The first roll It is January 31st, 2020. I’ve arrived in London to document the events surrounding the UK leaving...
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  3. Photosynthesis: Blending Humans and Plant Textures In-Camera

    Urban Lives and the Natural World I've been living in some of the giant Asian metropolises for close to a...
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  4. Moving From Colour to Black and White

    My default Choice Colour photography has been my default choice for a long time. It is how my eyes see...
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  5. Lumen and other camera-less prints with digital manipulation

    Even when you have a love of film and traditional darkroom practices, there’s always room for alternative photo process experimentation...
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  6. Shooting My City

    The big smoke One of the greatest things about London is its multi-cultural mix.  And in a city as old...
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