HARMAN technology Limited, trading as ILFORD PHOTO, is a global market leader and the only manufacturer in the world to provide a full range of black & white film, darkroom paper, photochemistry and ancillary products.

For over 137 years, generations of customers have demanded the very best. And this is why they continue to choose ILFORD. Operating from our manufacturing headquarters in Cheshire, UK. Our products are shipped around the globe and into the discerning hands of beginners, enthusiasts, students and professional photographers as well as leading labs, classrooms and darkrooms.

Formed from humble beginnings in 1879, when Alfred Hugh Harman began making Gelatine Dry Plates in the basement of his house in Ilford, UK. The ILFORD name has remained one of the oldest and most established in the photographic industry and Harman's legacy continues in more than just a name.

Today, having successfully weathered the impact of significant technological changes across the photographic industry, HARMAN technology blends the traditions of manufacturing excellence with a passion and commitment to our customers and the future of analogue film photography.

This commitment has helped the industry enjoy a resurgence in film which will only grow. In September 2015, HARMAN technology was acquired by Pemberstone Ventures Ltd providing a stable platform on which to further this cause.

The ILFORD range of inkjet products, including ‘ILFORD Galerie’ inkjet media, is not manufactured or marketed by HARMAN technology. This is  a separate business operated by ILFORD Imaging Europe (www.ilford.com).