1. Friday Favourites #home

    Our theme this week for #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites was #home. This was the theme for last year’s student photographic competition. We wanted to see your take on this theme.  NEXT WEEK’S THEME Our theme for next week is #themefree. – Share any images shot on our film or printed on our darkroom papers. COMING SOON You […]

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  2. A Long Walk to Loch Ness: 156 miles Through the Scottish Highlands

    A 10 Day Journey After getting home from Scotland in April of 2023, I was left with a good problem – I had way too many images that I loved. A month before, I had taken my Fuji TX1 panoramic camera, and a bag full of ILFORD Delta 400 and 3200, and walked from Milngavie […]

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  3. Friday Favourites 28th March 2024

    This weeks #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites was #themefree. Take a look at the themes you chose to submit this week.         NEXT WEEK’S THEME Our theme for next week is #home. – The theme for last year’s student photographic competition was “Home.” Now, let’s see your take on this theme. COMING SOON You can […]

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  4. How I Shoot

    How I Shoot Early in my photography career I gravitated towards film images and medium format cameras. My go-to cameras are the Mamiya RZ67 and Hasselblad 500CM. I love the slow, more hands-on experience of shooting medium format and film. I trust my instincts and set up the shot with more thought and intent when […]

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  5. The Leak Of Light

    The Outcome I am known as a black and white Photographer. I always prefer shooting in black and white. It helps me convey the concept of the image formed in my mind , through my photography. Another reason that always motivates me is the precedence of form over colour. However, sometimes I choose to shoot […]

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  6. In Focus - Ki Price

    We speak to Ki Price, who is this week’s In Focus interview. Ki is a specialist photographer renowned for capturing celebrities, portraits, and fashion. SECTION 1 – BACKGROUND SHARE YOUR FAVOURITE IMAGE/PRINT SHOT ON ILFORD FILM AND TELL US WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU. My favourite image that I have taken is of singer, Tess […]

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