1. Sustainable Darkroom

    Time to go green? As the threat of the climate crisis grows each day – we must strive for sustainability in all aspects of life. But when standing atop a cliff shakily clutching your 5×4 camera, or working under the red light of your local darkroom – sustainability can seem like a distant concern, reserved […]

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  2. Chemical Landscapes

    Rule breaker The chemigram process allows any photographer to be experimental, free and a little bit of a rule breaker. As a photographer who is passionate about the traditional printing process, I was always taught that my prints should be clean and crisp. So, coming across a process that allows you to be messy, hands […]

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  3. Becoming the Camera - Thoughts on Photograms

    During lockdown I rekindled my love of making photograms. It happened naturally after a summer of making cyanotypes. I was also making emulsions out of plants. My garden became a temporary darkroom. With a photogram – you expose your paper to light (sunlight for photograms), with an object on top, and the area underneath the […]

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  4. Photosynthesis: Blending Humans and Plant Textures In-Camera

    Urban Lives and the Natural World I’ve been living in some of the giant Asian metropolises for close to a decade now, and it has oriented my recent photography work towards exploring the distance between our urban lives and the natural world. One way I have found to express this has been through film double […]

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  5. Lumen and other camera-less prints with digital manipulation

    Even when you have a love of film and traditional darkroom practices, there’s always room for alternative photo process experimentation as ecological photo-artist Josie Purcell knows well. OVERVIEW I am a photographer, but trying to explain that I specialise in photographic processes that may not include a camera has led me to describing myself a […]

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  6. Ortho Plus and Cyanotypes

    Summer of Photograms My end goal with my photography, at least for as long as I can remember, was to make darkroom prints. I love the thought processes in darkroom printing, the excitement when I manage to find the combination of burning, dodging and other printing techniques that turns my imagined image into a print […]

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