1. Exposing for the Action

    One of the aspects that took me perhaps the longest to understand about black and white film photography - but...
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  2. Eastern State Penitentiary on Delta 100

    A birthday request When my teenage daughter asked visit Eastern State Penitentiary on her birthday in January 2020 for the...
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  3. Damaged Negatives?

    The logical Course I think it is adequate to say that the pandemic provoked many changes for everyone. From the...
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  4. The Art of It All

    The beauty inside I am not someone that has been stared at and called beautiful by strangers. People do not...
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  5. Ilford film and the Hasselblad XPAN

    I like to press the shutter and I take a lot of black and white photos simply because I like...
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  6. Mission: 36

    Cabin Fever Tired of COVID 'cabin fever'  I needed to get out shooting so I concocted  a mission to shoot...
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