1. A thirst for life

    It’s after 5 on a Sunday in December and I’m deep into the 11th frame of my camera and cup...
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  2. State of Mind

    And suddenly, something that looked like a dandelion head floated into view, and I stood mesmerized as it hovered before...
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  3. Working With Dry-Plate Negatives From 1900's

    Connection Over a Century Hanna Heinilä (née Hermonen, 1890–1981) was born to a vicar’s family in the small town of...
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  4. Documenting Life and the In Between (with medium format)

    Honest storytelling In the beginning of my journey with documentary photography, I fell in love with the raw, unique, and...
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  5. Salem Street Portraits at Halloween

    A dark legacy To say that this project got away from me would be accurate. It morphed and changed as...
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  6. A student’s view and the female gaze

    In our digital age, film photography can appear to be expensive and risky but it has challenged me to learn...
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