1. Pinhole

    Why pinhole photography? This is a question I’m often asked, by fellow photographers and complete strangers alike. Using a beautiful wooden Ondu camera, I began exploring the world of slow photography about five years ago. The moment I saw my first developed negatives I knew I’d found a glimpse of photographic heaven. This started my […]

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  2. Moving From Colour to Black and White

    My default Choice Colour photography has been my default choice for a long time. It is how my eyes see the world, it’s what catches my attention, and it’s what brought my back to film photography. My first roll in 2018 was a roll of Lomography 400 shot on a week long holiday in Madrid, […]

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  3. An Apple Pinhole

    Project Statement Since the 1950s, over half of traditional orchards in England have disappeared. This is due to development, conversion of land to other uses, and intensive farming. The Orchard Project is dedicated solely to the creation, restoration and celebration of community orchards. Working in collaboration with the national charity, I visited sites under restoration. […]

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  4. Friday Favourites 28th July 2017 #Alternateprocess

    #alternateprocess Happy Friday everyone! Last week we set the theme #alternateprocess for #ilfordfridayfavourites and we’ve seen such variety of images. Sun prints, tin types, cyanotypes, wet plate, pinhole, palladium, hand coloured, tones in a variety of liquids, we’ve had them all. Here are our favourites five       Next Week Our theme for next […]

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  5. Pinhole Photography

    I always loved celluloid pictures. Maybe I was drawn in as a baby, while the 8mm camera whirred (and the handheld light blinded). Maybe it was being so thankful to my big brother for lending me a 35mm rangefinder and showing me how to use it at age 10. Might have been the Minolta-16 he gave […]

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  6. The healing powers of film photography

    Photography has always been part of my life Zero Image pinhole camera 4×5, Ilford FP4+ sheet film 4×5 When the digital age began, something happened to me. First, I mourned my photo hobby for about five years, then “gave up” and bought a digital SLR. A couple of years passed and I upgraded to a more […]

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