1. Portraits Of Strangers

    Portraits Of Strangers I’ve always been fascinated with people on the street and how they carry themselves. Their faces, body language, the clothes they wear – everyone’s walking around with their own unique story, and I can’t help but be curious. I’ve spent a lot of time working with non-actors in commercials and documentaries, which […]

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  2. 6x7

    Fascinated By Portraiture Ever since I´m shooting photos I am fascinated by portraiture. There is something special to photograph a person. It´s always a very intimate moment and you have to build a relationship to each person that is in front of the camera. After shooting 35mm for a while I wanted to try something […]

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  3. Faces Of Hope

    ‘What are you doing?’ After 25 years it still catches me off guard. Because my work happens in public spaces, the answer comes often and without pause. Men walking by the scene will change direction and make their way to within a meter of my tripod. While to me it is evidently clear, to the […]

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  4. Love On Film

    Wednesday Afternoon I remember the message on Instagram from Clare one wet Wednesday afternoon whilst I was halfway through my maternity leave… “Julie & I are getting married on Sunday, any chance you’re free?!” I was absolutely thrilled to get to shoot Clare & Julie’s wedding day and knew they’d make it absolutely their own. […]

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  5. Queering Rural Spaces

    How It Began Queering Rural Spaces began as I was personally starting to think about where my wife and I would settle down to start our family. A part of me missed living on a farm. However, I wasn’t sure I would feel safe being in an openly gay relationship in a rural area. So […]

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  6. How I Got This Picture - Craig Fleming

    We shared Craig Fleming’s photograph ‘Ursula’ on our Instagram and the response was fantastic. We like to get in touch with the photographer and find out a little more about the process that went into creating it.   Technical information Image title Ursula Film used ILFORD FP4+ Camera Mamiya RZ67 Proll Exposure time 1/125th @ […]

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