Lockdown Sessions

  1. In Focus Max Bedov

    As well as being a photographer and darkroom printer, our 27th 'In Focus' interviewee Max Bedov also custom makes darkroom...
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  2. In Focus - Laura E. Partain

    It's been over 6 months since we launched our first Lockdown Session and in that time we've spoken to many...
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  3. In Focus - Arkadiy Shlein

    It's week 25 in our In Focus interview series and this time we set our questions to Arkadiy Shlein who...
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  4. In Focus - John Whitmore

    John Whitmore is a 'sometimes' event and  black and white documentary photographer, a Darkshed owner, darkroom printer, YouTuber and Sunny16...
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  5. In Focus - Michael Weitzman

    Interview 23 is with Michael Weitzman. A film photographer, darkroom teacher and alternate and experimental process enthusiast. Michael was nominated...
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  6. In Focus - Sandeep Sumal

    Infamous on Twitter for his enjoyment of biscuits as well as being a well known name in the film photography...
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