Film specific

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary on Delta 100

    A birthday request When my teenage daughter asked visit Eastern State Penitentiary on her birthday in January 2020 for the...
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  2. Portraits on Delta 3200

    Light and Details Black and white photography is a huge component of my process. The timeless quality that is perceived...
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  3. ILFORD PANF Plus in the Montana Snow

    Reflections on the Materiality of Film, with PANF Plus in the Montana Snow Snow is a beautiful subject for ILFORD...
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  4. Working the Scene on One Roll of Delta 100

    A rest day? Sunday the second of June (2019) was supposed to be one of the very few rest days...
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  5. Processing XP2S in black and white chemistry

    Earlier this year my go-to black and white film of choice had its priced hiked astronomically, making it an un-affordable...
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  6. Extended red, shooting SFX200

    My love for film is strong, but it wasn’t my first photography love. When I first started out as a...
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