1. Salem Street Portraits at Halloween

    A dark legacy To say that this project got away from me would be accurate. It morphed and changed as I shot more film, but the more film I shot, the more it changed. It wasn’t until the end that I could feel it becoming cohesive. I started out with a relatively easy goal. Take […]

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  2. Fast Thoughts at the Deep End

    The first roll It is January 31st, 2020. I’ve arrived in London to document the events surrounding the UK leaving the EU. Many groups were converging on Parliament Square for this historic day. My usual workflow was interrupted when fellow documentary photographer Simon King called me aside and handed me a Nikon FG, 55mm f/3.5, […]

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  3. Shooting My City

    The big smoke One of the greatest things about London is its multi-cultural mix.  And in a city as old as London, you’re surrounded by history in the shape of the architecture of the ages. This is the reason why, even though I no longer live in London, I still return to ‘The Big Smoke’ […]

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  4. Unseen Atlanta

    My documentary work I think there’s something to be said about appreciating the working class African American only when there’s celebrity attached, an abundant amount of material wealth, or high ranking social status. Where does that leave everyday people on their journey through life to feel? Useless? They certainly are not. My documentary work represents […]

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  5. LCKDN20

    My dream camera I was introduced into photography when I was just a teenager by my uncle Massimo —· AKA zio Max. That’s how I have acquired basic knowledge about film photography, and developed the skills that helped me to start a career as an independent —  and self-taught — filmmaker. Filmmaking and video production […]

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  6. Art and activism: Documenting protests against police brutality and anti-Blackness.

    Inherent bias Photography has long been used strategically as a tool and method of capturing and sharing slices of truth, small morsels of reality, inherently containing the bias of the photographer. By making decisions about what to shoot, how to shoot, what to edit, how to edit, and what to share with the viewer, photographers […]

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