1. In Focus - Melanie King

    Melanie King was first introduced to us by Lucy Ridges, and since then we have heard her name mentioned from...
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  2. Friday Favourites #framedfilm

    So many choices for today's #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites theme of #framedfilm. We love days like this when it takes a while...
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  3. Documenting Life and the In Between (with medium format)

    Honest storytelling In the beginning of my journey with documentary photography, I fell in love with the raw, unique, and...
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  4. Friday Favourites #unexpected

    I'm sure that many of us have taken a shot and then once we've processed it spotted something or someone...
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  5. Behind the Film - Matty Colfar

    Since we started sharing these Behind the Film interviews with you earlier this year, we have spoken to people from...
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  6. Sustainable Darkroom

    Time to go green? As the threat of the climate crisis grows each day - we must strive for sustainability...
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