1. Friday Favourites #shotonpanf

    The slowest black and white film in our range is PANF+. Although not as popular as the other 2 films...
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  2. In Focus - Brett Hillyard

    We taking a closer look at Brett Hillyard this week who was nominated by Robbie Jeffers in our Lockdown Sessions...
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  3. MODS

    Music. bonding and booze Clitheroe is a small market town in Lancashire, famous for its witches, good food and drink...
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  4. Friday Favourites #shotonsfx

    This week's #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites theme was #shotonsfx. Designed to be used with filters. and with extended red sensitivity, we were...
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  5. In Focus - Craig Fleming

    We have loved finding out more about photographers in our community over the last 3 months in our Lockdown Sessions...
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  6. Unseen Atlanta

    My documentary work I think there’s something to be said about appreciating the working class African American only when there’s...
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