1. Friday Favourites #filmselfie

    We were really looking forward to seeing some of the faces behind the people that we chat to on social...
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  2. How I got this picture - Nima Saffari

    Image title:Echos Technical info: Film used: ILFORD FP4+ 125 Format: 35mm Camera: Contax 167mt Lens: Zeiss 50mm 1.7 Exposure time...
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  3. Lights, Camera, Rock 'n' Roll

    A Photographic Love Affair My love affair for photography was born out of my passion for music. In 1990, when I...
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  4. Friday Favourites #patterns

    There are patterns everywhere that we look from urban architecture to the natural world. You shared a diverse range of...
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  5. Photographing the Empordalia Wine Cooperative

    Chris Cheetham has recently carried out a photographic project for the Empordàlia wine cooperative, situated in the beautiful, mountainous region...
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  6. Friday Favourites #smiles

    This week we asked you to make us #smile for our #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites. And what a way to brighten up...
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