1. Shooting expired film

    Taking the plunge I'd had this roll of Ilford HP4 for a good few months and was hesitant to put...
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  2. How I got this picture - Peter Schön

    Chatyn-Tau, Caucasus Peter Schön has shot many beautiful ski, snow and mountain images (among others) on black and white film...
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  3. How I Got this picture - Dave Kirby

    Jokulsarlon Two For our inaugural 'How I got this picture' post, we're talking to Dave Kirby about Jokulsarlon Two. One...
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  4. Five laws of concert photography

    My name is Charles, I do film concert photography since September 2014. I chose analog over digital because I like...
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  5. Unleash that Reticulated Film Python

    Man of science I love alternative photographic techniques like dry plates and brushed on emulsions. I am a darkroom fanatic...
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  6. The Luminogram process - directing light

    What is the luminogram process? The Luminogram process is light, directed onto photo paper in the darkroom. About as basic...
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