The 1800's

Alfred Harman

Alfred Harman

1879 founded by Alfred Harman making Dry Plates
1891 became the Britannia Works Company making 4 kinds of plates and 6 kinds of paper
1897 record profits
1897 sold by Alfred Harman who retired due to ill health
1898 became known as The Britannia Works (1898) Limited
1899 first Ilford Manual of Photography

1900 to 1940

1902 changed name to Ilford Limited
1912 Ilford started to produce roll films
1920 Selo Limited formed incorporating Ilford, Imperial, Gem and Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers
1928 Mobberley (Rajar) factory purchased
1932 infrared plates
1935 cine film

The 1940'sPaddle steam logo 1930-1945

1940 first Multigrade paper introduced (3 filters)
1945 the Ilford works hit in the “London Blitz”
1946 triacetate base production by Bexford Limited
1948 Ilford entered the camera market with the “Witness”

The 1950's

1951 Australian Company formed
1954 next version of Multigrade introduced (5 filters)
1959 ICI took control

The 1960's

1960 first colour neg film produced
1960 Ilfoprint stabilisation paper introduced
1962 process paid colour film with free contact strip
1963 share acquisitions by Ciba Ag
1966 the Monopolies Commission proposed restrictions on process paid-colour film sales that forced reduced prices, and reduced import duties on Kodak product
1967 ICI and Ciba acquire all shares
1967 Ilfobrom even spaced graded fibre-base paper introduced
1968 FP4 film introduced
1969 Ciba became sole owners

The 1970's

1970 first Queens Award to Industry
1974 Ilfospeed System introduced
1976 HP5 film launched
1976 Ilford site closed and HQ moved to Basildon
1978 much improved new Multigrade papers introduced (11 filters)

The 1980's

1980 worlds first chromogenic film introduced - XP1
1983 Ilford HQ moved to Mobberley, Cheshire
1986 Multigrade made available in fibre-base paper
1989 sold to International Paper Corporation of America
1989 HP5 Plus film introduced

The 1990's

1990 FP4 Plus film introduced
1990 first Delta film introduced based on core-shell crystal technology
1991 XP2 replaces XP1
1992 Pan F Plus film introduced
1992 100 Delta added to range
1994 improved Delta Professional films
1994 improved Multigrade IV RC printing paper
1996 UK Sales & Admin moved from London to Mobberley
1997 Multigrade Warmtone FB introduced
1998 acquisition of company by Doughty Hanson
1998 Delta 3200 added to range
1998 introduced third generation chromogenic film - XP2 Super
1998 Multigrade Warmtone RC added
1999 Multigrade Cooltone RC added

2005 to today

2005 management buy out - HARMAN technology Limited trading as ILFORD PHOTO based at Mobberley, Cheshire, England.
2005 new Cooltone and Warmtone Developers introduced
2007 HARMAN technology Limited acquires Kentmere Photographic Limited
2010 HARMAN Direct Positive Papers introduced
2011 ILFORD MULTIGRADE Art 300 paper launched.
2011 HARMAN HOLO FX holographic plates introduced
2011 HARMAN TiTAN 4x5 Pinhole Camera and ILFORD Pinhole Photography Kit introduced
2012 Black & White Single Use Cameras re-introduced
2012 35mm Cassette manufacture commenced at Mobberley, England
2013 HARMAN TiTAN 8x10 Pinhole Camera introduced
2013 Obscura by ILFORD 4x5 Pinhole Camera introduced
2015 HARMAN technology/ILFORD PHOTO purchased by Pemberstone Ventures Ltd.