1. Chemical Landscapes

    Rule breaker The chemigram process allows any photographer to be experimental, free and a little bit of a rule breaker...
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  2. Behind the Film - Mike Bain

    Today in our 8th Behind the Film interview we talk to Mike Bain. One of our longer serving team members...
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  3. Salem Street Portraits at Halloween

    A dark legacy To say that this project got away from me would be accurate. It morphed and changed as...
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  4. In Focus - Clara Araujo

    This week for our 46th In Focus interview we are talking to Clara Araujo. A fine art photographer from Brazil...
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  5. Ilford Photo Friday Favourites #35mmxp2

    For this week's #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites theme we chose #35mmxp2. We don't think that this extremely versatile C41 process film gets...
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  6. A student’s view and the female gaze

    In our digital age, film photography can appear to be expensive and risky but it has challenged me to learn...
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