1. The healing powers of film photography

    Photography has always been part of my life Zero Image pinhole camera 4x5, Ilford FP4+ sheet film 4x5 When the digital age began, something happened to me. First, I mourned my photo hobby for about five years, then "gave up" and bought a digital SLR. A couple of years passed and I upgraded to a more […]
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  2. Friday Favourites - World Photo day 2016

    Today is #worldphotoday and lots of people around the world, (included me) will be uploading a shot and sharing their world on We can’t compete with that, so instead have shared some of our favourite shots from around the world for this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites   There will be no #ilfordfridayfavourites for the next couple of […]
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  3. Unleash that Reticulated Film Python

    Man of science I love alternative photographic techniques like dry plates and brushed on emulsions. I am a darkroom fanatic – always exploring new ways to mash up digital with traditional analog techniques. I love all kinds of print processes – cyanotypes, salts, van dykes to name a few. I shoot all formats right from […]
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  4. A Family Connection

    A family of photographers It’s difficult for me to imagine my family members without their cameras. I grew up in a family of photographers. This seemed so natural to me, that, as a child, I thought all my friends at school had photo labs at their grandparents’ house. For years, underneath my bed, sat my […]
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  5. So - Apparently film is dead?

    The Start I had previously experimented with photography, but nothing too technical. To my astonishment, I managed to capture some really good images and the bride and groom loved them. Using the positive feedback I received from them, I kept hold of the camera and began to research techniques. I began with my pet dogs […]
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  6. Portraits in Black and White

    At the time I got back into film again I happened to be taking an evening course in portrait photography at a local college. The usual mix of Canon & Nikon shooters with a mirrorless Sony thrown in for good measure. As usual, we were chatting about our weekend shoots and (obviously) latest purchases. When […]
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