1. Shooting expired film

    Taking the plunge I'd had this roll of Ilford HP4 for a good few months and was hesitant to put it through a camera. The fact that it was so pristine in it's condition made me feel that whatever I used it for had to be significant. I had to wait for the right opportunity. […]
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  2. An appreciation of Ilford FP4

    An appreciation of Ilford FP4 The greatest pleasures can be taken from the simplest of things. An appreciation of something old that gets passed by while everyone tries to keep up with the crowd or the relentless progression of technology.  For me Ilford’s FP4 is one of those little pleasures. The RAF I was a […]
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  3. Friday Favourites 27th October #Halloween

    #ilfordfridayfavourites #Halloween You shared a spooktacular amount of boo-tiful  black and white #spooky #Halloween images for this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites. We parked our brooms, dug out the trick or treat candy and chose these scarily good shots as our favourites. Special congratulations to Ais Chuahiock who shot our favourite image "Catacombs of Paris"        […]
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  4. Friday Favourites 20th October #storytelling

    #ilfordfridayfavourites #storytelling We shook things up a little with this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites by asking you to tell us a story with a single frame. There were so many good entries, it was difficult to choose, but we have eventually settled on these as our favourites.         Next week We're looking for your […]
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  5. Why I shoot street portraits, and why you should too

    I’m Anil Mistry and I’m a photographer. I shoot a whole variety of work,  including headshots, documentary, portraits and personally initiated projects. Whatever interests me and helps me to improve my body of work. I’ve been asked to talk about an area of my photographic work that I have a real passion for. In my […]
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  6. Friday Favourites 13th October #City

    #ILFORDFRIDAYFAVOURITES #CITY This weeks #city themed #ilfordfridayfavourites attracted a cosmopolitan mix of images. These are our favourites.         As usual a huge thank you to all that participated by sharing your images with us. even if we didn't feature them this week, we still love seeing what you are doing with our film. […]
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