1. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

    There was this one scene I wanted to capture.  I stumbled upon it walking up Old Man Coniston in the Lake District just before reaching the peak.  Out of nowhere (unless you’ve studied an OS map) a body of water appears when approaching from the east. As we reached the water’s edge, the sun was […]
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  2. Friday Favourites 14 December 2018

    For this week's #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites we've selected some of the images shared with us over the last seven days that have caught our eye. We hope you enjoy them too. Please keep sharing your images with us and using #ilfordphoto #ilfordhp5 etc so we can find them easily.       Next week This is […]
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  3. Shooting Snow

    Of course, we see in color - but vision is just one part of how we sense the environment and moments. In the mountains I see tremendous peaks, I feel and hear the storms, freeze, and feel emotions from success, failure and intense personal experiences. All that black + white can convey more intensively - […]
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  4. Friday Favourites #festive

    We must have been a bit early for you all to be in the #festive spirit as we didn't see the usual volume of entries for this week's #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites Thank you to all of those that shared with us, if we have chosen your image then please drop us a DM with your address, […]
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  5. Two Souls One Vessel

    An honest representation Two souls one vessel is a documentary project focusing on capturing the lives of drag queens, trying to tell their stories and create an honest representation of who they are in and out of drag, this series includes male, female and transgender drag queens. Attracted to the surface glamour of the world […]
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  6. Terrain - A project and Exhibition

    Terrain This project recently exhibited at the Golborne Gallery, London Road Trip All the photographs in this project were taken over a week-long period whilst traveling from Los Angeles to East Arizona, and back again. Something that really struck me when traveling through this part of the American West was how nature had relinquished control […]
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