1. Friday favourites - Best of 2017

    Thank you What a fantastic year! We've seen film usage increase again, with more people than ever either picking up a film camera for the first time, or re-discovering their love for shooting film. We're really excited to see what next year brings. A huge thank you to everyone who shares #ilfordfilm images with us […]
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  2. Pre-visualisation in black and white photography

    Going digital If we go back to 2002 a close photographic friend convinced me (against my better judgement) that film was a thing of the past, and that to hold my own in the professional photographic world I had to go digital. Eventually I succumbed to his argument and traded in my Leica film cameras […]
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  3. Friday Favourites 18th December #Family

    #Family This time of year is all about #family. These were our favourite #family themed shots from those that you shared on last weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites         Next Week We close the offices on Friday until next year. So instead of our usual #ilfordfridayfavourites we're going to do a best of 2017. Please […]
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    #architecture What a wonderful mix of shots you shared with us for this week's #ilfordfridayfavourites.  As usual a big thank you to everybody that shared. We really do enjoy seeing what images you are making using our films. Our favourites for this week are below. Next week Our theme for next week is #family Please […]
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  5. Shooting Spring in Alaska on film

    Road trip? This Spring three friends and I piled ourselves and a months worth of gear into a 29 foot RV, and hauled it, and 4 snowmobiles into the Chugach mountain range near Valdez, Alaska. During one month we drove roughly 10,000 miles, shot 30 rolls of film, broke 2 snow machines, destroyed a few […]
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  6. Friday Favourites 01st December #cold

    #Cold This was definitely one of the most popular #ilfordfridayfavourites that we've run, making our job of choosing just a few of the images really tough. - We couldn't all agree on five so there's a couple more than usual!                 As always a huge thank you to […]
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