1. The Trichrome Process

     A History on the Road In May of 2023, I loaded up the car and I headed off to the North Cascades. The freeway had just reopened after a long, icy winter. I was desperate to break out of my work routine and follow my creative pursuits. Growing up in the American Southwest I spent […]

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  2. Friday Favourites #ilikegrain

    We love grain and after seeing the images that you shared with us for this week’s #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #ilikegrain theme, we can see that you do too. @thewhitedarkroom Repost as a contribution for @ilfordphoto’s #fridayfavourites #ilikegrain. And well, I do! And who does not? 🙃 Printed on 13×18 #ilfordphoto Multigrade IV RC Deluxe using my […]

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  3. “I’ll just fix it in the darkroom"

    “I’ll just fix it in the darkroom.” is the motto I’ve lived by for decades. I Was Too Deep Into Analog Studying photojournalism in the late 80s, I was taught to print well but never learned advanced printing techniques because we were being prepared for quick turn-around journalism assignments. Commercially available digital photography was in its […]

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  4. Friday Favourites #framedfilm 2023

    #framedfilm was this week’s theme for #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites. A huge thank you for your incredible contributions, your creativity knows no bounds!               NEXT WEEK Our theme for next week is #ilikegrain. – We think this one is self explanatory. The more grain the merrier:) COMING SOON You can expect […]

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  5. Friday Favourites 1st September 2023

    We really enjoy theme free weeks like this one where we don’t set you a theme for our #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites and instead ask you to share any image made with our products. xpan_mikolaj_poloczanski Way to Cima Di Mezzo (3154m). Dolomites. Italy. #ilfordphoto #Hasselbladxpan #xpan #35mmphotography #fridayfavourites #ilford #analogpanorama #65×24 #beliveinfilm #analogphotography #analogcamera #panoramiccamera #ilfordhp5  @robinferand […]

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  6. June Gloom

    Brutal & Beautiful In June of 2022, I set out on a 3500 mile motorcycle trip with my close friend David Wright. We left from Los Angeles, CA with our end destination being Glacier National Park, searching for the space in-between life’s brutal & beautiful exploration of our short time upon this world. I personally […]

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