1. So - Apparently film is dead?

    The Start I had previously experimented with photography, but nothing too technical. To my astonishment, I managed to capture some...
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  2. Portraits in Black and White

    At the time I got back into film again I happened to be taking an evening course in portrait photography...
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  3. Self-portraiture as Catharsis

    Self-portraiture as Catharsis My photography is a form of therapy, a personal, emotional and sometimes turbulent struggle with the complexity...
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  4. Disconnect

    How I work I believe in self-learning, and I’m always up for something new to explore. I adhere to a...
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  5. Friday Favourites #ilfordpanf

    #ilfordpanf PANF PLUS  is an ISO 50, high contrast, super sharp black & white film with very fine grain. Ideal...
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  6. On Reading - Stealing from the best

    On Reading — stealing from the best Nearly all of my photographs organize themselves into loosely defined, open-ended projects that are...
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