1. Friday favourites #street

    What a fantastic week for sharing on social. We've seen so many images for this week's #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #street theme...
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  2. Friday favourites #shotthisyear

    By this time next week we will already be into February, I'm not sure sure how that happened!  It's been...
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  3. How I got this picture - Jamie Fitzel

    Mindtraveller Technical info Film Used: ILFORD HP5+ (pushed to 3200) Format: 120, shot as 6x7 Camera : Mamiya RB67 Pro...
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  4. Friday Favourites 18th January 2019

    Our first #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites of 2019, so we should start by wishing all of you a happy new year! Let's...
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  5. ILFORD PHOTO global film users survey, the results are in

    Thank you In 2018, we invited the global analogue film photography community to take part in our latest film users...
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  6. Extended red, shooting SFX200

    My love for film is strong, but it wasn’t my first photography love. When I first started out as a...
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