Photography has always been part of my life

BAW image of a beach

Zero Image pinhole camera 4x5, Ilford FP4+ sheet film 4x5

When the digital age began, something happened to me. First, I mourned my photo hobby for about five years, then "gave up" and bought a digital SLR. A couple of years passed and I upgraded to a more advanced model, but soon realised that it gave me no pleasure at all. I was just so bored with my images.

About this time I realised that film photography was not at all dead! I found the Lomography society website and it was so much fun! A strong community of people who love to experiment with their photography, develop and have fun at the same time. A desire to experiment that I had not had before awoke in me. Various films, processes, cameras, etc...

BAW image of a bridge

Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera 6×6 #ilfordpanf+ 120 film Developed in #ilfordlfotecddx

There were some very stimulating and rewarding years, but now I feel that I have found my personal style.

My first choice is always black and white film. I love how with black and white so much is left to the viewer's imagination. Working with films that give me excellent details and beautiful grains whether the image is high or low exposure is a fantastic feeling

Then I can work with the image more in the darkroom. I'll never be finished with a black and white image! 

Macro Photography

I have found that the process of film photography has helped me to deal with stress and its negative influence in my life in a positive way and the one area where I really find peace is macro photography.

I love to load any of my cameras with my favourite film, put on one or a couple of extension tubes or the macro lens and walk around (or crawl) in my garden and look for the almost otherworldly universe that we usually don't have time to see.

Sometimes, I get surprised when someone that I have not paid attention to is standing and watching me...

BWAW image of a frog

Hasselblad 503cx with Makro-Planar 120/4 and extension tube 32+16mm

Ilford HP4+ 120

 To load one of my pinhole cameras with an IR filter and infrared film is also something that feeds my creative mind, and gives me the most stunning and unexpected results.

BAW image of a tree

Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera with Wratten 89B IR filter

Ilford SFX200 @ ISO 3

Also, I have become old enough to not care when someone is protesting. Why can you can not photograph flowers with black and white? Well, I can, and I love it!

BAW image of a flower

Hasselblad 500 cm with Planar 80/2,8 and extension tube 56 mm

Ilford HP5+ 120 Developed in Ilfotec DD-X 1:4