1. One woman's Journey

    HOW IT BEGAN I’m a great believer in serendipity. I was visiting a friend to deliver a print that she’d bought from me. At the time I was taking a lot of photos of graveyards, and she offered to show me a derelict cemetery which had been left hanging in the undergrowth on the banks […]

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  2. BETTER MAN - Music Video shot on Kentmere Film

    3700 ANALOGUE STILL IMAGES TO MAKE A 3 MINUTE VIDEO Much before the concept for Better Man music-video took shape, its inception had started with the purchase of a Nikon F5 camera body. Arguably the fastest SLR ever made. One of the main features of this immaculate beast is an automatic film advancement system that […]

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  3. A thirst for life

    It’s after 5 on a Sunday in December and I’m deep into the 11th frame of my camera and cup number 6 of a house blend of coffee. I’ve put off writing this piece for  long enough. I’m grateful to ILFORD for reaching out and as a long time user of HP5 Plus, this is […]

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  4. State of Mind

    And suddenly, something that looked like a dandelion head floated into view, and I stood mesmerized as it hovered before me. When I peered inside, I realized that I could see a tiny winged creature within. I turned to my mother and said, “Look at that!” But all she could see was a dandelion head. […]

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  5. Working With Dry-Plate Negatives From 1900's

    Connection Over a Century Hanna Heinilä (née Hermonen, 1890–1981) was born to a vicar’s family in the small town of Luvia on the west coast of what at the time was the Grand Duchy of Finland. She had her first camera in around 1906 when she was sixteen years old and began photographing without any […]

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  6. Documenting Life and the In Between (with medium format)

    Honest storytelling In the beginning of my journey with documentary photography, I fell in love with the raw, unique, and honest storytelling that film provided. Being a new wide eyed film enthusiast, the easiest way for me to jump into the pool of analogue would be with 35mm film. With 36 exposures, I was allowed […]

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