1. A camera from a different era: Graflex RB Series B

    My Graflex RB series B is an inspiring and challenging camera. It promises great results but doesn’t give them easily. A lesser-known Graflex Graflex is an American camera manufacturer well known for its 4×5” press cameras, such as the Graflex Speed Graphic. Those are large-format range-finder cameras that were popular in the 40s and 50s. […]

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  2. Saving Elephants

    My love of black and white photography started back in college processing and printing images. The film of choice being FP4. and printing fibre based prints. In the beginning as a photographer most of my work was B/W. Spending much time in the dark room printing. Unfortunately time was something that was running out. As […]

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  3. Building a studio darkroom

    My name is Jason Avery and I am an analogue landscape photographer based in East Anglia England. I have been working with film for a few years now, learning my craft as an artist. One of the many reasons why I decided to choose film instead of digital as a medium for my work was […]

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  4. The Stockport Collection

    This is a story about serendipity, generosity, community, and several rolls of Ilford FP4 film. It begins in April 2020, during our first Covid-19 lockdown when a request from a sibling for an old family photo led me to dig around in my messy 35mm archive. I discovered quite a few forgotten negatives and slides […]

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  5. Finland Rooting for Analogue Photography

    Finnish Darkroom Association In Finland during the early 2000’s, as elsewhere, analog photography practice was pushed aside by digital photography. The 2010’s saw a rapid decline in the use of darkroom techniques by artists and the almost total disappearance of professional darkrooms and film labs. In 2016, with five other female photography artists all specialising […]

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  6. Cyanotypes

    My Approach It was during a group exhibition that I discovered the practice of cyanotype. The Espace Liberté Gallery located in Crest in the south of France is a contemporary art space open to all graphic and plastic disciplines. The theme proposed by Au Jour le Jour was an ephemeris where 31 chosen artists (painters, […]

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