1. Cyanotypes

    My Approach It was during a group exhibition that I discovered the practice of cyanotype. The Espace Liberté Gallery located in Crest in the south of France is a contemporary art space open to all graphic and plastic disciplines. The theme proposed by Au Jour le Jour was an ephemeris where 31 chosen artists (painters, […]

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  2. Faces of Afghanistan, 1976

    As a child I fell in love with the magic of the darkroom and of making Gelatin Silver prints. Watching a print develop fascinated me. In high school I had access to a darkroom working with 620 film (2.25 X 3.25 inch roll film.) and, consequently, I studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, School […]

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  3. One woman's Journey

    HOW IT BEGAN I’m a great believer in serendipity. I was visiting a friend to deliver a print that she’d bought from me. At the time I was taking a lot of photos of graveyards, and she offered to show me a derelict cemetery which had been left hanging in the undergrowth on the banks […]

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  4. BETTER MAN - Music Video shot on Kentmere Film

    3700 ANALOGUE STILL IMAGES TO MAKE A 3 MINUTE VIDEO Much before the concept for Better Man music-video took shape, its inception had started with the purchase of a Nikon F5 camera body. Arguably the fastest SLR ever made. One of the main features of this immaculate beast is an automatic film advancement system that […]

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  5. A thirst for life

    It’s after 5 on a Sunday in December and I’m deep into the 11th frame of my camera and cup number 6 of a house blend of coffee. I’ve put off writing this piece for  long enough. I’m grateful to ILFORD for reaching out and as a long time user of HP5 Plus, this is […]

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  6. State of Mind

    And suddenly, something that looked like a dandelion head floated into view, and I stood mesmerized as it hovered before me. When I peered inside, I realized that I could see a tiny winged creature within. I turned to my mother and said, “Look at that!” But all she could see was a dandelion head. […]

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