1. How I Got This Picture - Trevor Hong

    We recently shared Trevor Hong’s photograph ‘The Last Empress of Vietnam’ on our Instagram and the response was fantastic so we got in touch to find our how he made it. Technical Info – Film Used ILFORD Delta 100 Format 4×5 Large Format Camera Toyo 4×5 Lens Schneider Kreuznach 150mm f/5.6 Exposure Time 1/30th second […]

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  2. Two Souls One Vessel

    An honest representation Two souls one vessel is a documentary project focusing on capturing the lives of drag queens, trying to tell their stories and create an honest representation of who they are in and out of drag, this series includes male, female and transgender drag queens. Attracted to the surface glamour of the world […]

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  3. Why I shoot street portraits, and why you should too

    I’m Anil Mistry and I’m a photographer. I shoot a whole variety of work,  including headshots, documentary, portraits and personally initiated projects. Whatever interests me and helps me to improve my body of work. I’ve been asked to talk about an area of my photographic work that I have a real passion for. In my […]

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  4. Portrait of the Afghan National Institute of Music

    My first time in Afghanistan For the last couple of years, I have been travelling and exploring the people and culture of the Middle East and Central Asia. Visiting these countries is always inspiring and fascinating to me. In 2016, I visited Afghanistan for the first time. At this time I switched from photographing both digital […]

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  5. Dreams can come true

    Introduction I’ve been a photographer for 35 years since I was 11 in fact when I first loaded my Zenith 11 with film and set off for a walk into the wilds of South Yorkshire. 20 years later I turned professional and as soon as digital became a viable option I traded in my Nikon F90x and […]

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  6. So - Apparently film is dead?

    The Start I had previously experimented with photography, but nothing too technical. To my astonishment, I managed to capture some really good images and the bride and groom loved them. Using the positive feedback I received from them, I kept hold of the camera and began to research techniques. I began with my pet dogs […]

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