ILFORD monochrome equipment manuals

From time to time, customers ask us for copies of manuals for ILFORD Monochrome equipment.

Whilst we are no longer able to directly offer service and maintenance support for discontinued equipment, we are still happy to supply (in pdf format) the manuals listed below.

*Please get in touch for manuals marked with an asterisk

FP40 Film Processor

Full operations manual - English

Leader Card specification

Full operations manual - German

Full Service Manual - English

RC Paper Dryers

The ILFOLAB 1250 Dryer was designed for use with all resin coated papers.

1050RC Dryer Operating Manual

1250RC Dryer Simplified Instructions

1250RC Dryer Operating Manual

1250RC Dryer Service Information

1250RC Dryer Service Manual

1250RC Dryer Operating Instructions

5250 Dryer Operating Instructions

RC Paper Processors

The ILFOLAB 2150 was a is a table top processor for high speed black and white printing.

2150RC Processor Service Information

2150RC Processor - Effluent Data

2150RC Processor Operating Information

2150RC Processor Operating Manual

2150RC Processor Simplified Instructions

2240 RC Processor Service Manual Sections 1 - 3

2240RC Processor Service Manual Sections 4 - 8*

The ILFOLAB MG 2650 processor was a floor standing high capacity machine capable of processing black and white RC prints in only 75 seconds.

MG2650 Processor Service Information

MG2950 Processor Service Information

MG2950 Installation Manual

MG2950 Simplified Instructions

MG2950 Key Operator Instructions

MG2950 Operating Information

MG2950 Floor Standing (Sheets) Operating Manual

MG2950 Roll Processing Operating Manual

MG2950 Service Information - Revision A

MG2950 Chemicals Pack Information

MG2950 Effluent Data

MULTIGRADE Exposing Equipment

MG400 Operating Manual

MG500 Operating Manual

MG500 CPM Operating Manual*

MG500P Exposure Probe User Instructions

MG 500 Exposure System Service Manual

MG 600 Service Information*

MG600 Operating Manual

Other Equipment

DT600 Timer

The ILFORD EM10 exposure monitor measures the amount of exposure required for making a black and white print.

EM10 Instructions