1. They were my landscape

    Images with feeling The most attractive element of analogue is its delicacy. The analogue process has remained so ingrained into my practice, I can’t imagine working in any other way. Seeking images which stir a feeling within and seeing that image through each stage of the process to finally create a hand-made darkroom print. The […]

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  2. My black and white solution

    An unknown language When I started in photography I was always put off from film, by the balance (in my mind anyway), between the effort and time taken out of my workflow in developing, and the rolling cost. As well as my dependence and already intimate comprehension of digital systems. Film was an unknown language, and […]

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  3. An Apple Pinhole

    Project Statement Since the 1950s, over half of traditional orchards in England have disappeared. This is due to development, conversion of land to other uses, and intensive farming. The Orchard Project is dedicated solely to the creation, restoration and celebration of community orchards. Working in collaboration with the national charity, I visited sites under restoration. […]

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  4. Travelling Italy with ILFORD film

    A medium for the moment  I always travel with my 35mm SLR and a stack of Ilford HP5 and Ilford FP4 film. I definitely prefer the look and process of shooting film when traveling and photographing on the street and I find my small SLR with it’s 50mm lens is small and inconspicuous enough to […]

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  5. Pre-visualisation in black and white photography

    Going digital If we go back to 2002 a close photographic friend convinced me (against my better judgement) that film was a thing of the past, and that to hold my own in the professional photographic world I had to go digital. Eventually I succumbed to his argument and traded in my Leica film cameras […]

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  6. Shooting Spring in Alaska on film

    Road trip? This Spring three friends and I piled ourselves and a months worth of gear into a 29 foot RV, and hauled it, and 4 snowmobiles into the Chugach mountain range near Valdez, Alaska. During one month we drove roughly 10,000 miles, shot 30 rolls of film, broke 2 snow machines, destroyed a few […]

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