1. Postcard From The City That Sleeps

    An Englishman in New York As an Englishman in New York, I have always been in awe of the city I now call home. You could be uptown at a swanky Park Ave dinner party one moment and in a raucous Lower East Side dive bar sinking $3 PBR lagers the next. It is just […]

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  2. Nagi Says

    Nagi I met Nagi on my weekly walk down Hollywood Blvd. Each Sunday I would take the Metro from Long Beach to Hollywood and Highland. Shooting and conversing with those I’d meet along the way. On this specific day, October 27th,2019 to be exact, I met Nagi on my way back to the Metro station. […]

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  3. Sirkhane Darkroom

    An empowering project Sirkhane Darkroom is a mobile analog photography workshop for refugee, local and vulnerable children on the Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi border in Mardin City. It’s an empowering project that brings together children from different backgrounds through photography. It’s also a project that shows the world photos taken by non-adult photographers, photographs from […]

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  4. Ortho Plus and Cyanotypes

    Summer of Photograms My end goal with my photography, at least for as long as I can remember, was to make darkroom prints. I love the thought processes in darkroom printing, the excitement when I manage to find the combination of burning, dodging and other printing techniques that turns my imagined image into a print […]

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  5. MODS

    Music. bonding and booze Clitheroe is a small market town in Lancashire, famous for its witches, good food and drink. And, (maybe) having the smallest Norman keep in England. Each September, it hosts the Ribble Valley Scooter Rally – a gathering with music, vintage clothing stalls, and a ‘ride-in’ of several hundred scooter enthusiasts. Previously […]

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  6. Unseen Atlanta

    My documentary work I think there’s something to be said about appreciating the working class African American only when there’s celebrity attached, an abundant amount of material wealth, or high ranking social status. Where does that leave everyday people on their journey through life to feel? Useless? They certainly are not. My documentary work represents […]

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