1. Barcelona

    Familiar Places It’s interesting to look with new eyes those places you’re familiar with or have been before, that sidestreet you pass by every day after going outside the metro station can become a source of inspiration and even a breath of fresh air if you just pay attention to its surroundings. I traveled from […]

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  2. Choosing to shoot film in 2020

    The future of photography The year 2020, it sounds very futuristic to me. So, what does that future look like for photographers? Well, no doubt technology will be getting more advanced than ever and we will see huge leaps in digital development this coming decade as the megapixel war continues. There will likely be be […]

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  3. Photographing Goodwood

    An object of beauty I have just been asked to explain why I use film to make many of my images….. well the simple answer is ‘I like the process….I love the total engagement film gives me. Working out how many rolls to take, what size film to take, packing it all up and hoping […]

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  4. The Inherent Community in Printing

    Selfish process? It can sometimes feel that many steps in my photography process are selfish. Some of these I can take as positive, for example the way I now truly photograph for myself and not to please others. (Aside from client based assignments), as was the case when I was locked into the social media […]

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  5. Capturing Movement - Ballet on Film

    Meeting Viktory I fell into dance photography quite by accident. I was a member of a meetup group of photographers in Boston, and one of the people I met at their events invited some of us to shoot in his studio with Viktory, a traveling ballet model. I was shooting landscapes almost exclusively at that […]

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  6. Self-Isolation Project: Teaching My Son to Process His First Film

    A mix of Art and Science As I write this, the UK and many other parts of the world are currently in lockdown thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus. This pandemic has meant the unprecedented closure of schools and the daunting prospect of home schooling our children – in my case 10-year old twins. Now, I’m […]

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