1. On Reading - Stealing from the best

    On Reading — stealing from the best Nearly all of my photographs organize themselves into loosely defined, open-ended projects that are never finished but often stop at an interesting place for a portfolio, show, or hand-made book. People often ask; “Where do you get ideas for your projects?” British photographer and educator, David Hurn says; “Our […]

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  2. The problem of buttons and why I love a film camera…

    I’m a passionate film photographer. There are plenty of us about and indeed plenty of reasons for choosing film as a medium. Many of these reasons are quoted ad nauseam by any and every film photographer. One of the biggest problems I have with digital photography is that it’s given film photographers a soap box […]

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  3. Masterji’s Story as told by Jason Tilley

    1992 – How I met Masterji Soon after leaving my staff photographer’s position on the local newspaper where I’d been employed for the previous 5 years and with the luxury of in-house film processing no longer a convenient option I began using my local city centre professional colour lab, in Coventry. During the accumulating hours […]

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  4. Shooting Extremes - On vacation in Maui

     A lifelong hobby One of my lifelong hobbies is photography. I have been taking photographs since I was about 10 years old when I was given an old Kodak folding pocket camera that had belonged to an uncle, Bertrand Perrett, who was a professional photographer and painter in England. I learned to develop and print […]

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  5. The Luminogram process - directing light

    What is the luminogram process? The Luminogram process is light, directed onto photo paper in the darkroom. About as basic as ‘photography’ can get. It has been with us for a long while. László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946) started using it in 1922, while Gottfried Jäger described it as “the result of pure light design; the rudimentary expression of an interaction […]

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  6. Never too young

     Never too young to learn about film photography At home, one evening last week, I realised that I’d actually finished a full cup of coffee without any interruptions, a feat that happens rarely enough to lead to that moment of horror, (which can only be understood by parents of small children), when I wondered what […]

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