1. A Part of History

    When the streets become unbearable I’m not so good with words, but that’s probably why I love photography. I can let the photos I make speak for themselves. The death of George Floyd, back in May of last year, hit me hard. So much so that I went out a did what I usually do […]

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  2. What I gained from photographing in a hospital.

    After a 25 year hiatus of shooting stills, I returned to pushing on with my personal photography in 2016 and more recently using film once again. Part of that process has involved a scanner which led me to revisit some of my 1980s images which had never before been published. 1987 In 1987 as a […]

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  3. Where the Rain Clouds Gather

    In this blog article, Kit Young provides insight into his latest book, Where the Rain Clouds Gather (OD Books) , which was made entirely from scanning hand-made silver gelatin prints. The Concept At times the past year has raced past in a haze. Streets have emptied and we have retreated to our cocoons. Cooped up. […]

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  4. Ortho and Oil paint

    Why Film? Since 2016 I’ve messed around with film casually alongside digital. Early 2020, COVID-19 forced me to return a year early from a mission trip in Colombia and completely restart my life from zero. I couldn’t afford a digital camera like the one I sold to go on the trip but, my good experiences […]

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  5. Into the ether

    365 Days A year is a period of time. It is 365 days. There have been many renditions of the calendar throughout human history, but it wasn’t until 1582, when Pope Gregory pointed out a flaw in Julius Caesar’s calendar, when we would receive our current amalgamation of determining time, the Gregorian calendar. Pope Gregory […]

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    An Unexpected Love My love for Iceland was born unexpectedly, I absolutely didn’t see it coming and it washed over me like a tidal wave in a monsoon.  We were planning a holiday of a lifetime. Somewhere with beautiful scenery to photograph, that was the only stipulation. It was more of an exploring holiday rather […]

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