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  1. Retouching

    Retouching is normally done to remove blemishes from the negative or the final print. It can also be used to...
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  2. Print Finishing and Presentation

    Photographic prints are intended to be viewed and when looked after can remain in excellent condition for over a century...
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  3. Using Colour Filters for Black & White photography

    Filters have long been a popular accessory for photographers and offer a number of different functions or effects. In both...
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  4. Silver halide prints

    Silver halide has been used in photographic film and paper for over 150 years and remains a vital ingredient found...
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  5. Pictures Without a Camera – Sun Pictures / Photograms

    When photographic material is exposed to light it begins to darken. The more light the material receives, the darker it...
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  6. Making a Black & White Print – Contact Sheets

    Contact sheets are a great way to review and record your images. They allow you to view all the negatives...
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