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  1. Shooting large format film

    An Interest in Large Format Large format is an immensely rewarding and enjoyable way to make a photograph. It can also feel overwhelming when you’re just starting out, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. This article is for anyone with an interest in large format. I got into 4×5 because I wanted to challenge […]

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  2. Zone focusing

    Zone focusing is arguably one of the quickest and most effective methods of focusing your camera. With a little forethought, practice and pre-visualisation of your shot, it’s a method that can reduce problems like shutter lag. Ensure your images are sharp every time. And help you take photos more surreptitiously. It doesn’t rely on automation […]

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  3. Tim Rudman - Silver Gelatin Print Making

    Making a silver gelatin print Take a look inside the darkroom of Master Printer Tim Rudman whilst he shares the methods that he employed when making a silver gelatin print for his latest book Iceland, An Uneasy Calm Tim discusses various techniques including negative preparation, dodging and burning and using coloured filters for contrast control. Tim also […]

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  4. Split grade printing

    Split grade printing The version of split grade printing described here is that taught to me by the ILFORD head printers, Mike Walden and Terry Offord, and is the simplest, fastest way to make good darkroom prints from pretty much any negative. (The exception is really underexposed negatives to print these you usually only need […]

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  5. ILFORD optimum permanence wash sequence for FB papers

    The ILFORD PHOTO Archival Sequence, or Optimum Permanence wash system is a method of processing fibre base papers for maximum longevity while reducing the amount of water and time used. Whilst standard fixing and washing recommendations will give excellent print permanence for all commercial needs. When optimum permanence is needed, perhaps for archival storage of […]

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  6. Testing your safelights

    Testing your Safelights Safelights are an essential component in any darkroom set up. We recommend testing them annually, as ageing can change the transmission characteristics of the filters. This can cause visible fogging of the print or, more likely, a subtle but noticeable drop in contrast. When setting up your safelights always read the instructions […]

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