Expert Series

  1. Shooting large format film

    An Interest in Large Format Large format is an immensely rewarding and enjoyable way to make a photograph. It can...
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  2. Zone focusing

    Zone focusing is arguably one of the quickest and most effective methods of focusing your camera. With a little forethought...
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  3. Tim Rudman - Silver Gelatin Print Making

    Making a silver gelatin print Take a look inside the darkroom of Master Printer Tim Rudman whilst he shares the methods that...
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  4. Split grade printing

    Split grade printing The version of split grade printing described here is that taught to me by the ILFORD head...
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  5. ILFORD optimum permanence wash sequence for FB papers

    The ILFORD PHOTO Archival Sequence, or Optimum Permanence wash system is a method of processing fibre base papers for maximum...
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  6. Testing your safelights

    Testing your Safelights Safelights are an essential component in any darkroom set up. We recommend testing them annually, as ageing...
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