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  1. Making Lumen Prints - An Isolation Project

    These unprecedented times are a call for artists to step up and help deter against feelings of restlessness and boredom...
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  2. Common Processing Problems

    Below are some of the common errors that can occur when processing black and white films. Unfortunately some of these...
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  3. Reversal Processing

    Turning your negatives into positives Reversal processing enables black and white transparencies to be produced directly from high quality films...
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  4. Chemigrams

    Chemigram workshop On a very hot, sunny Saturday six students from The Mill Arts Centre Trust in Banbury took part...
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  5. HP5+ vs DELTA Professional 400

    We're often asked what the differences are between our PLUS films and our DELTA Professional range and have given a...
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  6. Shooting large format film

    An Interest in Large Format Large format is an immensely rewarding and enjoyable way to make a photograph. It can...
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