1. Related To The Pavement

    Concrete Jungle At the crack of dawn, the sleepless vagrant remains glued to the stone of the pavement. A long road with no intersection, apha indlela ayibuzwa kwabaphambili. As the light creeps into the skyline, all a city dweller sees is blood and grime. With so much dog shit in the streets, beggars are still […]

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  2. Camera and Us

    Camera And Us Once I started shooting film, I decided to start creating some photography projects. My first photographic project was called: ‘Camera and Us.’ This project documented people on the street and which camera they used. I chose to use a film camera to capture all kinds of people with their cameras on the […]

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  3. One Day At A Time Boys

    Sharing Our Experience One Day At A Time Boys is an arts project that has run for the past 3 years in Damien John Kelly House (DJK), a recovery community for men based in Liverpool 15. Offering a program of support based in the arts, sport and culture. We celebrate our community, explore individuality whilst […]

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  4. Maternity and Child

    My First Child I got pregnant with my first child in early 2020. Our 12 week scan took place three days before the announcement of the first lockdown in the UK. I spent the majority of that pregnancy in isolation, with no face to face appointments with any health professionals and barely any contact with […]

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  5. Portraits Of Strangers

    Portraits Of Strangers I’ve always been fascinated with people on the street and how they carry themselves. Their faces, body language, the clothes they wear – everyone’s walking around with their own unique story, and I can’t help but be curious. I’ve spent a lot of time working with non-actors in commercials and documentaries, which […]

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  6. A Chemical Refutation Of Forgetting

    When I Was A Teenager Mine is a common story with photography in that my dad gave me his 35mm camera when I was a teenager. I shot his Minolta until I dropped it a few too many times and the light leaks became punitive. Soon after, I stumbled into the darkroom just as casually […]

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