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  1. Introduction to ILFORD Film Developers

    What are film developers? Film developers are a photographic chemistry that turns your exposed film into working negatives as part...
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  2. Making a Black & White Print - Exposure Testing

    The first stage of making a darkroom print is to determine the exposure time. If you have already created a...
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  3. Beginners Guide to Darkrooms

    Why print? When you can get excellent prints from your black & white negatives by sending them off to commercial...
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  4. Beginners Guide to Processing Film

    Processing your own film can speed up your workflow and give you quicker access to your negatives. It is also...
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  5. Choosing your first ILFORD film

    ILFORD PHOTO offer the biggest and broadest range of black & white films on the market today. While this is...
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  6. Beginner's Guide to Choosing Chemistry for Processing Films

    This guide focuses on the chemistry you can use for processing film. We also have a guide to processing film...
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