How I got this picture

  1. How I got this picture - Clyde Butcher

    Pepperwood 1 – Clyde Butcher Technical info Pepperwood Redwood Forest #1 Avenue of the Giants State Park, California 8×10 inch Deardorf view camera 90 Snyder Super Angulon XL lens no filter Delta 400 film f/45 exposure: 10 minute  Printed on: ILFORD Multigrade fiber base Tell us the story behind this beautiful image Long before I became […]

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  2. How I got this picture - David Allen

    Crumble We always enjoy finding out the stories behind some of the images that you share with us and we couldn’t resist asking David Allen about this image. Technical Info Film Used: Ilford HP5 PLUS Format: 120 (6×7) Camera: Mamiya RB 67 Pro-S Lens: 90mm/3.8 Mamiya Sekor Exposure time: 1/100 Other equipment: Changing bag with […]

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  3. How I got this picture - Mike Basher

    HUNTING ISLAND XVI, 2018  Technical info Film Used    Ilford Delta 100   Format    4×5 Camera     Chamonix 045N-2 Lens     Fujinon SW-90 Exposure time   Approx.2 minutes Other equipment    Sand & shells, to taste. Location: Hunting Island, South Carolina, US.   Tell us the story behind this image. What inspired you to shoot it? This March, I […]

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  4. How I got this picture - PV Subramanian

    I am a wedding and portrait photographer. The following portrait is of Roshni, a jewelry designer. Her designs are handcrafted and have a vintage feel to them. So, when the opportunity came to shoot her I wanted to create something classic and real. One look at her and I was convinced about black and white […]

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  5. How I got this picture - Andrew Sanderson

    Underbank Old Road   Technical info   Film Used  Ilford HP5 Format  35mm Camera Rollei B35 Lens  40mm Triotar Exposure time   1 minute 30 sec at f11 Other equipment Manfrotto Art 055 tripod, Gossan Lunasix F light meter. Location. Underbank Old Road, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.     Firstly, tell us the story behind this image. […]

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  6. How I got this picture - Raynor Czerwinski

    Tree #8 Technical info: Film Used: Ilford FP4 Format: 6×7 Camera: Mamiya 7ii Lens: 43mm Exposure time: 3 min Other equipment: Lee Filter holder, Lee 4 stop nd, Lee Red #25 filter, B&W 105mm Polarizer, Gitzo Tiopod, Acratech Ballhead. Location: Zion National Park Tell us the story behind this image. What inspired you to shoot […]

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