How I got this picture

  1. How I got this picture - Tariq Tarey

    Farhya Tariq Tarey give us the lowdown on how he captured this striking portrait.     Technical info   Film...
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  2. How I got this picture - Alan Brock

    Tranquility Alan Brock searches for a sense of calm in his images. He shares how he achieves it below Technical...
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  3. How I got this picture - David Lingham

    Nolton Haven Technical info Film Used FP4+ Format 35mm Camera Nikon F2 Lens 20mm F3.5 AI. 25A red & 2stop...
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  4. How I got this picture - Natalie Oberg

    Drama of the Highlands Natalie Oberg tells us the story behind this beautiful. 'Drama of the Highlands image ©NatalieOberg_Scotland_201604_Glencoe Technical...
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  5. How I got this picture - Peter Schön

    Chatyn-Tau, Caucasus Peter Schön has shot many beautiful ski, snow and mountain images (among others) on black and white film...
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  6. How I Got this picture - Dave Kirby

    Jokulsarlon Two For our inaugural 'How I got this picture' post, we're talking to Dave Kirby about Jokulsarlon Two. One...
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