After the fantastic response to this image when we shared it on our Instagram. We contacted Mustapha and asked him to tell us about it and answer some of the questions about how he had created it.

Patricio Reyes Benavente Mendiola, aka "Pineapple"

How I got this Picture - Mustapha El Basri

Technical Info:

Film Used:

Ilford Delta Pro 100, Medium Format 120 Black & White film


Yashica Mat 124 G, Lens: Twin Lens 80mm

Exposure Time:

1/125 @ f8

Other Equipment:

Tripod, Light Meter, Cable release, Sync cable, V-flat, Strobe Light, Octobox with Grid. (No Filters)


Load Bearing Studios, Santa Ana, California.

Story behind this image:

This image is part of a new project that I am working on at this moment. The main goal of this work, rather than taking pictures of homeless individuals in an anonymous way and in their environment, I chose to establish a relationship with them and know their story. By taking them out of their environment and putting them in a center stage using the portrait as a medium, is to provide an alternative to the popular media stereotypes.


Lack of stability of homlessness makes this project kind of challenging.

Process used:

Shot in a studio using artificial lighting. One strobe light with an octobox with a grid to the left of the camera, feathered to the background. A V-Flat board on the opposite side of the key light for fill.



Image ©Mustapha El Basri