1. ULF, Custom & Specialist Film Manufacture 2015

    8th April 2015 HARMAN technology Limited for the 10th year in succession is making available to end users around the...
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  2. Students Support 'Motion'

    25th February 2015 HARMAN technology Ltd announces the winners of the UK Student Competition 2014 entitled “Motion”. The annual competition...
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  3. 10 Years of Progress

    18th February 2015 2015 will see HARMAN technology Limited complete 10 years of successful trading as ILFORD PHOTO. The company...
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  4. HARMAN technology Ltd is a winner in the RoSPA Awards 2014

    1st September 2014 HARMAN technology Ltd, of Mobberley, Cheshire is among the winners in the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety...
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  5. ILFORD XP2 SUPER a confirmed stayer!

    20th August 2014 ILFORD PHOTO confirm no plans to discontinue XP2 SUPER Film following the recent announcement that Kodak Alaris...
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  6. Traditional Black & White Silver Gelatin Prints from Digital Files

    8th April 2014 Further expanding its capabilities and services, California based ILFORD LAB US now offers Silver Gelatin Prints from...
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