HARMAN is pleased to announce a dedicated* ULF campaign for our ILFORD ORTHO PLUS film in Spring 2021.

This represents a short but exciting window of opportunity to source non-stock sizes of a unique and wonderful film with a variety of applications. 

ILFORD ORTHO PLUS is an extremely fine grain, sharp, orthochromatic film that is used in both technical and photographic applications. This including medical and scientific use, the copy of negatives and the creation of stunning images.

As a well-established technical film, the ORTHO PLUS ULF has traditionally catered to demand from non-photographic users of the film however, following its introduction in 135 (35mm) and 120 formats in October 2019, its popularity has significantly increased among photographers too.

Unlike panchromatic film, the lack of red sensitivity of ORTHO PLUS film can create unique and striking images. It also makes it easier to process as it can be handled under a red safelight.


ORTHO PLUS film must be converted into finished product soon after it is coated. As such our manufacturing process needs to be carefully planned and does not allow for any flexibility in alternative sizes or additional demand outside of this ULF campaign window.

With that in mind please consider what non-standard formats of ORTHO PLUS film you may require to cover you for up to 2 years. Any requests received after the order deadline may not be considered until the next ORTHO ULF campaign (18-24 months away).

  • All orders must be received by us by February 28th 2021
  • The product will be available for shipping to our distributors and retailers during April 2021


We are pleased to offer the film in the following sheet and rolls sizes. If you require a size not listed below, please contact your usual retailer as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Please be aware that minimum order quantities (MoQs) apply to the manufacture of each size. These will be compiled from global orders and will only be known after the deadline. Failure to reach that MOQ may result in orders of that sized being cancelled.


1174337 - ORTHO+ 50.8cm x 15m UPEOCC3

1171400 - ORTHO+ 20in x 50ft UPEICC3

1171422 - ORTHO+ 50.8cm x 30m UPEICC3

1156090 - ORTHO+ 101.6cm x 30m UPEICC3


1813184 - ORTHO+ 9x12cm 25

1178265 - ORTHO+ 4.75x6.5in 25

1813157 - ORTHO+ 4x5in 25**

1813175 - ORTHO+ 13x18cm 25

1813166 - ORTHO+ 18x24cm 25

1813203 - ORTHO+ 8x10in 25**

1813212 - ORTHO+ 10x12in 25

1177110 - ORTHO+ 12x20in 25

1178256 - ORTHO+ 16x20in 25

*Due to the unique properties and additional non-photographic applications of ORTHO PLUS, the manufacturing cycle does not always align to our standard ULF campaign window.

Place your order with your usual retailer. If you need to find your nearest retailer then try our storefinder.


**Alongside 135 and 120 formats of ORTHO PLUS these are standard stock items available all year with no MoQ.