1. ULF, Custom & Specialist Film Manufacture 2017

    5th April 2017 Buoyed by ongoing global resurgence in photographic film use, HARMAN technology Limited is delighted to be offering...
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  2. Beautiful Results in ILFORD PHOTO's Pretty Ugly Student Photo Comp

    9th March 2017 ILFORD PHOTO announce the winners of their 2016 UK Student Competition ‘Pretty Ugly’ With almost 1000 entries...
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  3. ILFORD Inspires: Silver Stories with Chuck Kelton

    26th July 2016 ILFORD Photo (HARMAN technology Ltd) are delighted to introduce 'ILFORD inspires’, a series of events aimed at...
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  4. ULF, Custom & Specialist Film Manufacture 2016

    29th March 2016 Buoyed by the fantastic response from the film photography community around the world, HARMAN technology Limited are...
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  5. Students Queue up for 'Saturday Night at the Movies'

    24th February 2016 After another year of record entries HARMAN technology Ltd announces the winners of their UK Student Competition...
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  6. ULF, Custom & Specialist Film Manufacture 2015

    8th April 2015 HARMAN technology Limited for the 10th year in succession is making available to end users around the...
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