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Lightweight 4x5” pinhole camera for use with film or photographic paper. Wide angle 87mm focal length and 0.39mm pinhole.

  • Pinhole camera for 4x5” film or photographic paper
  • 87mm focal length giving wide angle images
  • Chemically etched 0.39mm pinhole
  • Tripod mounting socket
  • Includes exposure calculator

Product Description

The OBSCURA is the perfect entry level pinhole camera and a great way to experience the magic of one of the oldest and truest forms of photography.

The OBSCURA is precision cut and formed from expanded PVC. The camera is made of two interlocking sections - the photographic medium is loaded into the bottom section, and then held in place by sliding in the top section, which is locked into place with magnets.

Designed for 4x5 inch film or darkroom paper, the OBSCURA’s 87mm focal length gives a wide-angle field of view. The exposures are controlled by a magnetic locking shutter on the front section of the camera which can be positioned in either orientation making it suitable for right or left-handed use. There is a tripod-mounting socket on the base.

The camera comes with a simple exposure calculator for use without a light meter, a set of stickers, a user instruction booklet and a 3-tray light-tight sheet film box for storing exposed materials. 

The camera is also available as part of an OBSCURA Kit which comes supplied with the above plus 10 sheets of 4x5” ILFORD DELTA 100 Professional film and 20 sheets of 4x5” ILFORD MULTIGRADE RC DELUXE paper.


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