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4x5” pinhole camera for use with film or photographic paper. Includes the ILFORD PHOTO pinhole exposure calculator.

  • Takes a 4x5" film holder
  • 72mm wide angle cone
  • Chemically etched 0.35mm pinhole
  • Tripod mounting socket
  • Includes exposure calculator

Product Description

The HARMAN TiTAN 4x5” PINHOLE CAMERA features a premium quality, finely engineered yet lightweight body made from injection moulded ABS and finished with a very durable non-slip coating. All fittings are made from stainless steel making it exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding extreme natural elements and rough handling.

Pinhole photography is one of the oldest forms of photography and the HARMAN TiTAN camera keeps the traditions of this early, tech free, medium alive whilst still enabling the creation of high quality images.

The 72mm wide angle cone has a chemically etched 0.35mm pinhole which equates to f/206 and a wide-angle field of view of 97 degrees (the equivalent of 20mm on a 35mm film camera). This simple to use camera also has two tripod mounts, for use in both landscape and portrait orientation, as well as built-in spirit levels and an accessory mount.

The HARMAN TiTAN pinhole camera uses a 4x5” film holder in which film negatives can be created as well as positive black & white paper images using HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE paper, or paper negatives using conventional photographic paper such as ILFORD MULTIGRADE.

Camera Specifications

Focal length: 72mm (2.8in)

Pinhole diameter: 0.35mm (0.0138in)

F number: f/206

Angle of view: 97 degree


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