Around the world, film photography and darkroom printing processes remain vital components of today’s photographic education. Understanding the fundamentals of silver reacting to light, whether in the camera or a darkroom, is an essential building block that will enable the next generation of photographers to excel.

Each year we see the results of this education through our annual student competition. We want to reward and help schools, colleges and universities that are committed to teaching the skills needed to not only shoot an in focus, well composed image but, also to develop the film and then go on to print the chosen images in the darkroom.

We have therefore introduced our ALFRED HARMAN Grant for Education. Named after the founder of the original ILFORD company back in 1879. Each year we will award £1000 of ILFORD and Kentmere film, papers and chemicals to a school, college, or university.

Entry is very straightforward. To be eligible you must have a minimum of 10 students submit prints, that meet our entry criteria, to our annual student competition. There are no geographic restrictions. Simply include your Grant Application Form along with your students’ entries to the competition to enable us to see that the criteria have been met.

Terms and conditions